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Rachel Barlow & Robert Klazynski

Laguiole Steak Knife 6-Piece Set PURCHASED

Laguiole Cheese Knife 3-Piece Set PURCHASED

Mariposa Signature Oval Platter (Engraved with est. 2023) PURCHASED

Wilton Armetale Griddle Pan With Handle PURCHASED $76.00
Dublin Gourmet Crystal Serving Bowl  PURCHASED $66.00
Portico Square Crystal Cake Stand PURCHASED $63.95
Markham Chip & Dip PURCHASED $90.00
Beacon Hill Crystal Pitcher $78.00
Annie Glass Edgy Appetizer Tray  PURCHASED $230.00
Annie Glass Edgy Square Tray PURCHASED $225.00

Michael Aram Mirage Cheese Board With Knife PURCHASED


Waterford 5x7 Frame PURCHASED

Waterford Lismore Toasting Flute PURCHASED
Waterford Lismore Decanter PURCHASED $250.00
Waterford Lismore Double Old Fashion Set of 4 PURCHASED $280.00
Waterford Lismore Double Old Fashion Set of 2 PURCHASED
Waterford Elegance Champagne Coupe Set of 2    PURCHASED   (Wants 2 Sets) $100.00
Waterford Elegance Brandy Set of 2         PURCHASED                  (Wants 2 Sets) $95.00
Waterford Elegance Dessert Wine Set of 2                 (Wants 2 Sets)
Waterford Elegance Pinot Grigio Set of 2 (Wants 2 Sets)PURCHASED
Waterford Elegance Chardonnay Set of 2 PURCHASED             (Wants 2 Sets)
Waterford Elegance Trumpet Flute Set of 2   PURCHASED          (Wants 2 Sets)
Waterford Cake Knife and Server Set PURCHASED



Adele Broussard & Jesse Pizzolato

Annie Glass Roman Antique Oval Cracker Tray $94.00
Annie Glass Edgy Dinner Plate $115.00
Annie Glass Edgey Oblong Tray $210.00
Marquise Markham Pitcher $86.00
Michael Aram Twist Marbled Tray with Spreader and Dish $175.00
Mikasa Cassia 12'' Vase $78.00
Novo Champagne Coupe (Set of 4) $76.00
Wilton Armetale Grillware Baker 9x12
Fairbanks Oval Platter Gold Trim $25.00
Chateau Rectangular Serving Plater Gold Trim $32.95
Naples Glass Serving Bowl  $18.95
Westwood Spreader (Set of 4) $16.95
Golden Frost Rectangular Tray - Large $88.00
Golden Frost Rectangular Tray - Small $60.00
White Marbled Cake Plate Stand $64.00