Crown Ornaments (variety)   3 PURCHASED
PURCHASED Mardi Gras Cheese Knives Set of 2                                     $29.95
Mardi Gras Serving Plate      1 PURCHASED                                             $10.95
PURCHASED Harper Gold Rim Server                                                       $64.95
PURCHASED Montery Champagne Set of 4                                              $50.00
PURCHASED  LSA Otis Red Wine Set of 4                                                                         $82.00
PURCHASED LSA Montery Old Fashion Set of 4                                      $52.00 
PURCHASED  LSA Montery Wine Goblet Set of 4                                                             $64.00
PURCHASED  White Marble Style Tray                                                     $38.95
Athena Jewelry Box                                                                                    $110.00
PURCHASED Abby Travel Organizer (Gold)                                              $58.00
Brumate Toddy XL Glitter Rose Gold                                                         $37.95
Brumate Toddy Carrara Marble Coffee Cup                                              $32.75
Brumate Hopsulator Trio Neon Pink                                                          $32.95
PURCHASED Crown Wine Goblet (would like 2)                            Each  $17.95
PURCHASED LA Stemless Wine                                                              $38.95 
PURCHASED Novo Set of Two Cocktail Glass                                        $66.00
Artisan Latte Cup Set of 2                                                                         $38.00
PURCHSED Chip & Dip Tray Gold Trim                                                    $31.00
Gold Rim Bowls Set o Four ( would like 2 sets) 1PURCHASED               $49.50
Napkin Ring holder Set of 4 ( would like 2 sets )                                       $26.95
PURCHASED Hudson Gold Rim Tall Glass set of 4 ( would like 2 sets)  $26.95
 PURCHASED Harper 10'' Gold Trim Oval Tray                                                                $32.00
Annie Glass Ruffle 15'' Square Tray                                                          $240.00
Michael Aram Safari Shaker                                                                      $125.00
Michael Aram Safari Bar Tool Set                                                              $295.00
Michael Aram Reflective Frame 5x7                                                          $130.00
Michael Aram Hammered Gold Frame 8x10                                             $165.00


Marid Gras Mask Platter $31.95
Mardi Gras Stemless Wine (3 available) $12.95
PURCHASED Mardi Gras Crown PGG Wine
Purple/Green/Gold Murano Cordial $22.95 each
Gold Murano Champagne   $39.95 each
Gold Murano Double Old Fashion $37.95 each
Gold Murano Wine $39.95 each
Variety of Mardi Gras Theme Cocktail Napkins $7.95 each
Annie Glass Large Cheese Slab $240.00
Gold Dish  $135
Waterford Elegance Decanter $250
Shannon Ice Bucket $36.95
Grillware (variety of pieces) Priced from $30-$100


Murano Double Old Fashion $28.95
Murano Purple/Green/Gold Champagne Flute $34.95
Murano Cordial Purple/Green/Gold  $22.96
Crown Purple/Green/Gold Trinket Dish $9.95
Michael Aram Gold Frame $135.00
Michael Aram Gold Plume Frame $135.00
PURCHASED Gold Crown Platter $21.95
Gold Crown Gift Bag $8.95
Water Color PGG FDL Platter $18.95
Brumate Slim Glitter Violet $21.95
PURCHASED King Cake Platter $29.95  
LOVE flour sack hand towel $6.95
4'' Round PGG beaded box $12.95
Victorian Silver Jewelry Box $44.00
Galaxy Rose Gold Bedazzled Flutes (set of 2)  $76.00
Godinger Montrey Set of 4 Wine Glass $64.00
Godinger Montrey Set of 4 Wine Glass $52.00
Godinger Champagne Flutes
10k Yellow Gold Crown Pendant  $310.00
10k White Gold Crown Ring $495.00

Registries available for all Kings, Queens, Maids, Dukes, & Captains.

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